About US


We have a very strong network in the automotive and mechanical engineering sector and have been working with OEM customers and suppliers for decades. We want to connect people who complement each other.

01. Strategic

Germany has a demographic problem. There is a lack of the right skilled workers in various fields. We would like to fill these positions with employees from Turkey. Why Turkey? Turkey has a lot of young people who have a correspondingly high level of education. The Turkish economy has expanded very strongly in the automotive and mechanical engineering sectors over the last 20 years. There are many skilled workers locally who would also like to work abroad. Due to the visa and work restrictions, this market is not yet exhausted and due to the current crises in Turkey, many good skilled workers would like to leave the country in the direction of Europe and especially Germany.

02. Professional

We have built a very strong network in Turkey since 2003. We have done a lot of business with OEMs, TIER1 and TIER2. We have directly hired local employees who can take care of the recruitment, assist in the application process and, in the case of successfully signed employment contracts, can also take care of details in the local language that come up during such a move to another country.

03. Loyal

We treat your data discreetly and will first agree with you what we will communicate to the applicant at which stage of the application.
We also often work with non-disclosure agreements when information about the job or products is shared.

Proven Success

The Numbers Don’t Lie

The customer is very important to us. We live on the bond and trust with the client. Our network expands with the mandate, as we place people who, after years, may be in the position that you also need employees. Our success are successful placements of employees, specialists, interim managers, etc.

more than 200 placed partners and employees

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